• Updating   =  The software is not working, might be unsafe currently and is being updated etc.
    Testing      =  The software is getting tested for safety reasons, and we do not recommend using it. 

    Down        =  The software is currently down, and is not safe to use. 


  • Cheat Status
    Apex Ultimate Private Hack Updating
    Arma 3 PwnR Undetected
    DayZ Owned Undetected
    DayZ Ultimate Private Hack Undetected
    Escape from Tarkov Owned Updating
    Fortnite PwnR Undetected
    Fortnite Ultimate Private Hack Updating
    PUBG PwnR (Only 1903 and NVIDIA GFX) Updating
    PUBG Owned (DON'T USE: no-recoil, instant-bullet, bullet-phasing) Undetected
    Rainbow Six PwnR Updating
    Rainbow Six Ultimate Private Hack Undetected
    RUST Prime Testing
    RUST Ultimate Private Hack Testing
    SCUM Ultimate Private Hack Updating
    Overwatch Ultimate Private Hack Undetected
    Overwatch Owned *BETA (AIMBOT NOT WORKING FOR NOW) Undetected
    The Division 2 Owned Undetected