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    At AimHax.Net, we sell the best and safest Valorant Hacks on the market.
    The cheats come with all features (ESP, Aimbot, etc.) which can be configured to match your preferences.

  • How to order our Valorant hacks:

    1. Go to our store, choose your Valorant hack, and make your order
    2. You receive an email with links for our easy guides as well as a link for your license key
    3. Follow the guides and start up Valorant
    4. Enjoy your hacking
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    Valorant aimbot, ESP, no recoil, FOV-configuration, smoothing etc....

    Our Valorant Cheats have the following features:

    • Aimbot
    • FOV
    • FOV Config
    • Aim Distance Config
    • Smoothing Config
    • Aim Key
    • Aim Bone
    • Player Box ESP
    • ESP Distance Config
    • ITEM ESP
    • Chest ESP
    • Team Player ESP
    • Wallhack
    • Lowest detection rates

    Always check our status page before using our Valorant cheats

    Even though our Valorant cheats are known to be extremely secure, we always advice you to check our status page before hacking. Keep this in mind and then you can hack without worries! (Better safe than sorry)

    Any questions about our Valorant hacks?

    Then reach out! We are happy to help

  • To say that 2020 is set to be a loaded year in regards to video games would be an understatement. Valorant happens to be one of the games slated to release this summer.

    In the said game, 10 players will be evenly divided into two teams. One of these teams will be the attacking one, whose goal would be to plant bombs and ensure their timely detonation. The other team will comprise of defenders who would be tasked with diffusing the said bombs.

    When two highly competitive teams have to stop each other at all costs, expect nonstop action and chaos throughout.


    Valorant cheats.jpg


    Will Valorant Cheats be Available after the Game Releases?

    Well, it’s too late to ask this question now. The closed beta launch of the game paved the way for its cheats to be created ahead of its release. There are countless Valorant Cheats already up for sale over the internet.

    Learning about the hacks beforehand will allow gamers to ensure that they start off their journeys on Valorant on a high note.


    Amazing Valorant Hacks for You

    Watching game trailers and studying about it won’t make you a perfect player by the summer. You never know what the opposition will be hiding up their sleeves. But why even wait to find it out? Let us make it clear!

    At Aimhax, you can get your hands on reliable Valorant hacks that will undoubtedly skyrocket your gaming abilities. Not only will you become a strong asset to your team, but your fear will be constantly looming over your enemies. And we all know that playing mind games is a sure-shot way of securing a victory in tense action games like Valorant.

    So, don’t follow but lead the pack and make sure that the mission you are assigned gets completed without any hitch.


    Valorant Aimbot

    When you are up against an entire team of foes, things get a little more difficult. The need for you to confront the opposition all by yourself can also arise at any time. In such cases, you need to be confident that you have everything planned and sorted.

    Whether you are banking on shotguns or assault rifles to get the job done, you will need an effective aimbot. And we can confidently say that our Valorant Aimbot is the best for this task.

    When you can promptly set sights on your target and ensure a one-hit kill, that vouches for you as an absolute beast. Add features like auto-switch, auto-fire, critical distance checks, etc. and you have got an absolute banger at your disposal.


    Valorant ESP and Wallhack

    Once Valorant releases and you get to play it, you will realize how you would be forced to think and act quickly. There will always be someone looking to take you down. In such cases, nothing would prove to be more helpful than our Valorant ESP. It will give you access to Weapons’ ESP, Explosives’ ESP, Player Names and Health ESP, etc.

    Also, our wallhack will allow you to scan different solid surfaces (boxes, walls, etc.) to find out what’s behind them. This is a skill that is much-needed in games like Valorant.



    Valorant Hacks - Removals and Warnings

    Imagine you are an attacker trying to ensure the successful detonation of the bomb you planted after a hefty struggle. Now, you are just seconds away from achieving your goal but someone from behind sneaks up on and kills you.

    To prevent this situation, we recommend our effective warning hack. This cheat will keep you aware of your surroundings at all times.

    Additionally, Aimhax’s Removal hacks aren’t any less significant either. With the help of these, you can easily get rid of elements capable of ruining your gaming experience such as recoil, fog, etc.


    Undetected Valorant Hacks

    Even though we recommend you to get in the habit of using cheats to make your gameplay as awesome as it could get, we would never want someone else to know the “magic” you are using.

    At Aimhax, we specialize in creating completely secure and undetected Valorant hacks that embed a strict anti-cheat protocol, apart from boasting strong protection against videos and spectators. And yes, BattlEye and VAC protection are factors we strongly consider as well.


    Aimhax for Best Video Game Hacks

    When you are looking for affordable hacks but don’t want to compromise on quality, Aimhax is the place to be. We boast a gigantic hacks library for you to enjoy your favorite games. Although we claim that our hacks are easy to get, incorporate, and use, we have detailed guides on our website to walk you through the entire process.

    It’s hard to look for safety, quality, and affordability all in one place. However, now that you have found Aimhax, we will recommend you to not let this chance this slip away and get equipped with the best Valorant hacks before the game releases.

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